Friday, August 28, 2015

SML for Circa 1900

CIRCA 1900, Sanjercasvil Road, Gorordo Avenue, Lahug Cebu

 On my latest trip to Cebu, I managed to inject another quality time-lunch time that is, to my shopping-infused itinerary. It was my birthday weekend so I thought of having a well-deserved shopping-spree. (reasons! haha)

 But anyway, We had lunch at Circa 1900 and it was one of the best lunch(es) I've had to date. The place was really home-y, 'inviting' would be an understatement. Such a welcoming place with very warm and accommodating crew. No wonder it has a lot of good reviews online.


 For the food, it was really heavenly. In fact, despite my sickly condition when I got there, I still finished my meal since it was too good to pass. Though I may have tried a few dishes only, I'm definitely going back to try some more. I really loved their Malunggay Potato and Camote Gnocchi Balls Dish. Since I'm a big fan of gnocchis, theirs did not disappoint-plus their herb cream was the bomb. It was so much worth-it at P350. Their Tenderloin was also promising. You can really taste the flavor of the pepper sauce without overpowering the whole dish-which is the main reason I really liked it as well. And as for the dessert, their Maja Blanca was uniquely good. It was not the typical-made ones and it was having just the right kind of creaminess. Its unique cheesecake cup made it extra special to the taste-buds too.

Here are some snaps I managed to take before we devoured them all. :)
Meatloaf bites. (Complimentary food)

Malunggay Potato and Camote Gnocchi Balls with Wild Arugula, Roast Garlic and Fresh Herb Cream Sauce

Char-Grilled Local Beef Tenderloin with Laing, and Creamy Pepper Sauce

From top: Maja Blanca & Rosquillos Cheesecake; and Red Velvet Tower (Complimentary dessert)
There you go. I may not be perfectly food-trip ready that time, but I guarantee you that it's really worth every penny. Sure it may be a little price-y, but spending on good food is never money-wasted, right? RIGHT! ;) 

After we had our meals, I had my lookbook ootd taken. and to be honest, the entire place is so IG-ready! There was no shortage of fancy floors (perfect for your shoe selfie); backgrounds that are so vintage-ly good (if there's such a term. haha); and the lighting..(hands down to the lighting). Giving this place a 10. Yup, it's the first 10 I've ever had a review of. BUT--it was midday when we visited so it might entirely change at night or if a lot more people are also dining because in my case, we were the only ones dining inside. So just manage your expectations if you've got plans on visiting too.
The good lighting I was talking about. One take, no filter. ;)  (and messy
 Alright, there you go. Such a happy dining place. SML. Let me know what you think about my newfound happy place by commenting below or emailing me. Let's have a little chitchat. ;)

And hey, to be sure that your next visit is hassle-free, it always works to give them a call, (032) 239 6265 or 0923 279 5616. 




Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Beach Weekend: Four Hours in Guimaras

ALOBIJOD COVE, Guimaras Island

  A day at the beach is never a wasted one.

 From Ilo-Ilo City, we decided to have a quick day-trip to the island and head back by night. Guess we just needed a dose of the beach.

Going back to Guimaras Island was one of the most random trips I've been to lately. I never thought I could re-visit the place this year as I thought there was nothing much to explore. But I took the trip with another note on my mind and a positive take on giving it another shot.

As soon as we arrived at the port of Guimaras, we were escorted to their local tourism office to be assisted with our whatabouts for our day trip. We paid 500php to rent a tricycle + a driver who would tour us around the city and the beach spot of our choice. It was Alobijod Beach Cove that we chose as it was one of the most visited resorts according to the driver.

It took us around 30 minutes to reach the resort from the main port. In between the long tricycle ride, we had stopovers at the Trappist Abby Monastery, a couple of vast mango tree plantations, their market and their plaza- the smallest in the country.

We arrived at the resort very famished since we headed straight to the Guimaras terminal from our Bacolod-Iloilo trip. Food was really our priority. :) 

Alobijod Cove Resort had a mini-restaurant beside their lodging area. The place was cozy, almost home-y. It literally looked like a house turned into a giant dining area with a food counter.
 Their food was really delicious! In fact, it was really delicious that I didn't even bother waiting 15 minutes for it --and I'm not even saying it was delicious just because I was hungry. (Okay, I think you get it already--I'm giving it a 9/10) 

After our very satisfying meal, we headed to the shore to soak it all in. We took little walks along the coast since it was still too hot to plunge in and we were still so full. Good thing I brought a book that got me busy.



 After series of picture-taking, we were already swimming (not even minding the time and the heat of the sun). The water was too tempting to wait a few more minutes.
We also had a little fun exploring the caves near the resort. Although, we didn't have much time to go island-hopping and we came late for the day's trip. But that might be a good reason to go back anyway, right? ;)

It took us only a few more minutes to get dressed and decided we stop-over real quick at the Trappist Abby Monastery and take few more snaps at the mango plantation before heading back to the city. 
It wasn't mango season during our visit so we didn't see a lot of mango trees having a bounty.

We took the last trip of the ferry boats going back to Ilo-Ilo City. That was just almost four hours but trust me, it was already long enough. Sure for a day-trip, that could not suffice, but to be honest, it was already enough. Unless you're the type who'd soak for hours and explore more of the caves, islands and the like. But that was a much better alternative than going to the mall in the city for your usual weekend afternoon. 

The ferry boat ride will take you to the port of Ilo-Ilo in 15 minutes depending on the sea condition. A fare of 16php per ride is apparently wallet-friendly-you could go to the island every other day. haha!

There you have it- my travel diary in Guimaras. So, if you've got a day to spare from your Ilo-Ilo trip (or even Bacolod trip), you can always go to the island and have your instant beach-fix. 


Friday, July 10, 2015

Sky Lounge Dinner: Blue Elephant at Apple One


I’ve always been a fan of sky lounge setting especially dinners. I’d love to dine while enjoying a good view of the city. I don’t really mind if it’s the highest floor or the tallest building-I’m all for the unique dining setup it brings.

On my latest trip to Cebu, I wanted my visit to include a dinner or a lunch date with a sky lounge setup so I browsed through various places offering what I wanted. Among my ‘places-to-try’ are: Lantaw, Blue Elephant at Apple One, and a restau from Crown Regency Hotel.

Given the unruly weather when I got there, I didn’t consider going to Lantaw anymore since I heard it was a little hard going up there. And being left with two choices, I chose Blue Elephant because it was strategically nearer than my hotel and Ayala Cebu. (In fact, it was right beside the mall!)

I had a table reservation for dinner and as soon as we got there, I instantly had a lot on my mind. Pros and Cons. I suggest in dining up there, one should reserve your expectations as it can go from what you expected to a total opposite setup.

The place was totally blue. The lights and the whole setting. It was a cozy lounge-perfect for coffee/wine in the afternoon. However, it was relatively small for a restau serving dinner (although, there was a VIP lounge, an indoor and an outdoor area that you can choose from).

As for the food:
It was really good. Dishes were unique and had a different take on the mix of Asian cuisine. It’s also budget-friendly and the serving is really huge.  Despite the bipolar weather trying to ruin the outdoor setting, the food made up for it.

Korean Premium Back Ribs
Frozen Iced Tea
Bagoong Fried Rice
Buttered Fish Fillet with Garlic

All in all, the experience was good. I got my sky lounge fix; a great view of the city; and good food. It was a great date after all.

Although a little pointers if you’re planning on dining there too:
  • It gets really crowded at night so make necessary reservations ahead.
  •  If you’re very vain with your hair, choose the indoor setting as the wind gets really tough up there. It might ruin your date if you’ll fuss all night about your hair.
  • IT MIGHT RAIN. So again, indoor setting is your best bet.
  •  EDM songs are usually played outdoors, so that’s up to you to decide. But there are live bands to entertain you in some days so just ask away upon reservation. 
  • If you’re at Ayala Cebu, you can just walk going there.
  • There's a cover charge of 350php per person for those who wants to eat at the VIP Lounge, and 300php per person for the roof deck. Both cover charges are consumable though.

So there you have it. My Blue Elephant experience at Apple One.
 A little crazy but it was still worth it.



Blue Elephant at Apple One is located at AppleOne Equicom Tower, Mindanao Ave, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu.
Open from 5PM till midnight daily (except on Fridays and Saturdays when it closes at 1AM
Call them at  511-7600 for more inquiries or reservations.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Finding Comfort (Food) at Bistro Carcosa


Finding new cafes in Iloilo City has been a craze lately. The search for the best has always been a constant battle. The list of new places to dine just keeps on getting longer and longer.

And in my latest quest, I’ve finally had the chance to dine in Bistro Carcosa. I’ve always wanted to try it out there but to no avail since I’d always have a busy schedule in going to the city or my shopping time gets a little longer. Lol

But as a self-proclaimed foodie, I never missed my chance on trying out this café having all the buzz around.

The place was cozy- a little minimalist with a little rustic feel. It was my kind of café.

As soon as we got there (convinced my mom to go with me), the place was really inviting. Although you can’t easily spot it along the highways or streets as it’s found in the corner area of the Uptown Place. Still, being an eager beaver, we headed in.

When we got there, at the most unlikely hour to have lunch, there were a few people who were also dining. And I thought this place must really be good that even after past the regular lunch time, it was still relatively packed with diners.

For the food:
It was worthy of its price; the taste was uniquely good. It’s almost like your comfort food plus a fine touch of classy gourmet dish rolled into one. Absolutely gastronomical. (Or at least in my case and based on the dish that I tried)

Big Boy Ribs x Garlic Mashed potato

Truly coming back to try more of their dishes and as such, I highly recommend this bistro. 



Bistro Carcosa is located at the Uptown Place, in front of Sarabia Manor Hotel.
Open from 11AM-11:45PM ( Monday- Sunday)

Friday, June 5, 2015


Capping off my summer 2015; and another check off my bucket list, is a day well-spent swimming with the gentle giants.

From the meek town of Oslob, comes the vast playground of whale sharks. For years, the town was just merely a stopover and a passing route going to Sumilon Island or the Tumalog Falls. It has only  been in the late years when it became a whale-shark tourism site.

Whalesharks (also known as “TUKI”), has been captivating hearts of local and foreign tourists in the place. They have been in the area, playing and swimming around without harming a single spec of humans. I find them really cute despite their enormous size.

Going there, it will take you a minimum of three hours from Cebu City, depending on the traffic and the mode of transportation that you use. I suggest you leave the city very early as the whale shark’s visibility is best early in the morning between 6AM-9AM. Also, the whale-shark interaction is only held until 12:30PM. You don’t want to rush your encounter with the main attraction so again, come a little early unless you’ll stay overnight and catch them the next day.

Being my first time to swim with the gentle giants, I must admit that I REALLY got scared at our first encounter. Sure I know how to swim, but the time I saw the baby whale shark, I think I forgot how to even breathe. Haha! The baby whale seemed as big as a typical sedan car and the mother whale was as big as a bus! (I’m not even kidding). But as gentle as they are, they were the most harmless giants I’ve come so close with; and with a few more dives, I’ve got to enjoy the whole encounter. It was one of the best 30 minutes of my life and sure it was a wonderful experience I’ve got to try all in all.

Now if you’re heading to Oslob as well, here are a few tips that you might want to consider before your Tuki encounter:

  • ·         Pack light. Especially on your boat ride going the whale shark spot. The boat is not as spacious as you might think and it’s just relatively enough for your snorkel gears and a small bag.

  • ·         Wear your life jacket if you don’t know how to swim. Also, you can borrow them for free, so if anyone asks you for a renting fee, you can ignore them by all means.

  • ·         Bring your own mask/ snorkel gears for hygienic purposes. But you can also swim without the said gears.

  • ·         DON’T wear sunblocks as they are considered poisonous to the whale sharks. Further explanation about this warning will be given at the Briefing Area.

  • ·         Bring extra cash. And don’t forget to give tips for the divers that will accompany you. (OPTIONAL)


 There you have it- my whale-shark experience. 
Can’t wait for your encounter with them too! 
Don’t forget to take loads of photos and enjoy, alright?


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Katy Fever: Prismatic World Tour 2015; Philippine Stop

Approximately 30,000 people came to the Philippine Arena to catch Katy Perry’s Prismatic World Tour- Philippine leg last May 7, 2015.

Despite the horrific traffic brought about by the concert, Katy Perry rocked the country at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan. It was a great time for music, dancing, sparkly things and colorful concert outfits. It was also filled with notable personalities from the country.

“We want everybody to feel uplifted at our show,” Katy said. “We’re gonna show up every single time because we said so. They’ll have to take me on a stretcher before I quit.”

 Coming from Katy Perry, one will automatically love her, or even more if you’re already a big fan. It was a real statement showcasing how she is so professional and hard-working when it comes to dealing with her audience and performing as best as she could. She wanted people to get the idea that they are getting their money’s worth, and based on her performance, there’s no doubt she did.

Opening the show with ‘Roar’, Katy Perry filled the arena with fantastic vibes, extravagant set and braced through the night with songs from her Prism album: Part of Me; a remix of Wide Awake; Dark Horse; Walking On Air; The One That Got Away and a mash-up of This Is How We Do.

Another notable breaker was when a very lucky guy from the audience got the surprise of his life when Katy asked him to join her onstage to teach her Tagalog. She even asked for a selfie, drawing yells and screams of desire from everybody else in the Arena.

After a few more dance hits, Katy sang all the way back to her top hits from previous albums: I Kissed A Girl; Hot ‘N Cold; Last Friday Night; and a medley of Teenage Dream and California Gurls. She ended the night with “Fireworks’’ complete with a rainbow-themed setup making it definitely a night to remember.

Must admit, still on a Katy fever high. Hopefully I can watch her perform again when she gets back here.