Sunday, March 16, 2014

La Vie, Parisienne


Parfait-A word to sum up my la vie experience in Cebu.


      Of all the cultural places we've visited during our 3-day trip to Cebu, what fascinated me most was my experience at the French House also known as the La Vie, Parisienne. It was a french-inspired place having a bakery, wine house and an outdoor Al-fresco type of setting having all umbrellas, and fake cherry-blossom trees.

       Upon entering, you will really smell the freshly baked french breads especially their best-seller- the croissants. If you are to buy, you are given the chance to choose a picnic basket you're free to fill of whatever choice of bread you wish to eat. (But you have to pay accordingly! haha) Then you will also get to choose your choice of wine if you want to drink any. It will then be served in a few minutes, already chilled.

    I had a great time selecting the breads that I wanted to taste. In fact, I wanted to taste everything! From among the selection, We tried: the plain croissant, the cherry-stuffed rolls and apricot stick bread. I personally recommend the plain croissant since even with its plain base, there is already the fullness of the French flavor which I can't explain.  It also comes in a bigger size and with different fillings (peach, chocolate, etc.)

Prices of wine vary according to the type, brand and date of production.


              That's me and my friend, Aliana. We came back in the morning to buy some take-home breads and spreads. ;) I bought the little cherry jam. It tastes like money! Kidding aside, it tastes like a sweet blend of cherry, marmalade kind of sugar and butter. It's definitely a score!

Here's a photo of the cherry jam. ;)

          The photo above was shot during our first night in La Vie. From there, you can see the cherry blossom trees in full glow as it has the 'night lights'. The place is a bit crowded for a Tuesday night. Must be the ambiance for a relaxed and extended happy hour.

          Definitely visiting La Vie once I get back to Cebu again. Cheers!

Love Lots

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