Friday, July 26, 2013

365 Modern Cafe Review

Hey fellow foodies! Here's my review on the newest cafe in the city, 365 Modern Cafe, located in front of Northpoint Atrium (front of Sanders).

Starting with the place, it is really cozy. The whole area is wide and can accommodate around 50 persons. The interior design is simple but the feel is really a home-vibe. The place is also very cool (its temperature inside). It's a great place to have coffee and relax. I think it would be nice for them to have seats outside, however, they are near the gas station so maybe it will also be awkward. But I suggest they have a second floor where people can have fresh air or a smoking area perhaps.

Now for the drinks, their best-sellers include: Mocha Frappe, Wintermelon Milk Tea, Red Velvet Frappe, etc. I personally recommend their Mocha Frappe since I'm not a coffee-drinker but this drink made me like coffee. :) The taste is not that commercialized compared to the local ones and the price is just right.
Out of curiosity, I tried their Red Velvet Frappe. It was I think coffee-based so I'm not a big fan. But if you're a coffee-drinker, you will like it. I never thought red velvet could be a drink until this cafe offered it. :)
Their milk tea also tasted good. The tapioca balls (pearls) are of the right texture-perfect for the wintermelon milk tea. They also had coffees and cappuccino on huge cups. Really worth-it.

I also tasted their cakes and their red velvet cupcake. Their Red Velvet cupcake tasted just right. I think it's better compared to the ones with heavy frosting. Their chocolate cake also tasted great. It's not too sweet and a slice is just enough. It's no doubt being one of their best-sellers. However, the middle part, which although was yummy, doesn't look nice when the whole cake is sliced to parts. But all in all it's a 9/10. :)

It was only our 4th visit, but we are already loving the place and the food! The accommodation is also very pleasant. I am really looking forward for their future menu. I heard pasta dishes will be served soon! Yeepee! Definitely my new happy place.
I'll keep you guys posted for more updates and reviews on their menu if I happen to try more. Photos below are taken from my instagram account. Follow me on instagram and twitter: @fayemos20

There you have it guys! More posts soon! 

You can also visit their facebook page for more deets and check more of their updates! :) 


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