Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sofia Bread and Pastries Bacolod

Hearing positive feedbacks about Sofia Bread and Pastries, We searched for it in places we thought it would be located. Little did we know, it's only around Lacson Street. It's on the 6th, nearing Kuppa in Hilado and fronting Maybank. 

What caught my eye is their Blue Velvet.
Being a dessert-addict, I'm rating it an 8/10. It tastes just as good as the typical red velvet cakes you can taste everywhere. And in the long run, you'll get something else as it gets really sweet and boring. BUT, where else in town can you score a yummy blue velvet cake? and also, it's locally priced at 85php, so all in all, it's a win-win sitch. 

We also tasted their All Meat Pasta which was really appetizing. Giving it a 9/10. ;)
The pasta was Al dente. The presentation was not that scrumptious though, it was plain and simple but their plate was stylish and cute. 

I heard their macaroons tastes good so I'm definitely coming back. Such a nice place to chill and grab something flour-y ;) ;)


  1. Hopefully you can share with us the ingredients of this recipe for me to have an idea specially the cake, I really wanted to make this for my children. Thanks a lot.

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    1. sure. I'll get back to you if I happen to score the ingredients in making the blue velvet cake. :) you may also like to try the oreo+cream cheese cupcakes for your kids.