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From the City of Smiles (and Sweets), Bacolod, I've come up with a list of the top places to have your milk-tea cravings fixed. Aside from Iced coffees and milk-shakes, milk-tea has been a go-to drink for people in Bacolod. Whether just for thirst-quenching or chilling purposes, there's a lot of reasons why milk-tea became a hit in 6100.


So, in no particular order, here's the top 10 milk tea stations you don't want to miss out. 

 Prices start at 85php for their classic milk teas.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the word(s) "milk- tea", is wintermelon. And by far serving the best blend (for me) of such flavor, is Treahouse.

I also love their Barista's Secret and Honeydew Milk teas.

Don't miss out on: 
Red Velvet Crepes

Treahouse is located at the Dream 21 Bldg, 21st Lacson Street.

Milk teas start at 90php

Creating the perfect blend of Caramel, Almond and Taro milk teas for me, is 365 Modern Cafe.

Nothing beats a perfect cup together with a very cozy ambiance. The modernized feel of sophistication in 365 is what you will love while having a drink.

Don't miss out on: 
Blueberry Cheesecake

Find 365 Modern Cafe along BS Aquino Drive. In front of Northpoint Atrium Bldg.

Milk Teas start at 80php. Qualitea rocks, at 100php. 

Having two branches in the city makes qualitea the most convenient milk-tea place in Bacolod. 

As my pick for their milk-tea, you can have their wintermelon and cocoa with rocksalt and cheese.
And lately, I've discovered their qualitea rocks in Matcha flavor. It's definitely a catch.

Don't miss out on:  
Shawarma Habibi

Visit Qualitea at 10th Lacson Street across Crave Burger or at Northdrive, Villamonte beside the Huan Thong Temple


Milk teas prices start at 65php only.
Now who doesn't love Zentea?
Aside from being wallet-friendly, it is very accessible for students to hang out and chill.

I love their Choc-tea and Naicha Milk teas paired with pudding or pearls.

Don't miss out on:  
Red Velvet Crinkles Eruption

Spot Zentea at the Mainstrip Alley, La Salle Avenue. (Just in front of USLS Gate 2 exit)


Price of their milk teas start at 70php
As soon as moonleaf branched out here in Bacolod, it became an instant fave.

Must be their perfect blend of Hakka or Oolong Milk teas. Pair it with their Nata or pudding and you're good to go.

They currently have another branch open at Mainstrip La Salle too.
Catch their main branch at Vision Square, 21st St., San Agustin Drive


Milk tea starts at 45 pesos only! :)
This newly-opened milk tea shop is really making a hit in the city. With its wide selection of flavors, you sure will have a go-to drink in no time.

From what I've tried, I love their Royal milk tea and Classic Wintermelon blend.

Don't miss out on:  
Their milk tea pillows! :)

Catch I Love Milk Tea at La Salle Avenue, beside Jollibee.

This has been the previous spot for Dakasi Milk Tea. However, the store stopped its operation and closed down so I had to replace it. Luckily, I Love Milk Tea came right on time. I will surely miss Dakasi though. (BUT--You can still catch them at the Smallville Complex in Ilo-Ilo)  :)


RSC Drinks start at 80php
Chill with your friends at Pearls and Bubbles. Having two branches in the city, they sure might've caught more people loving their blend.

From their array of flavors, I love their Oolong and Mocha Milk teas. Their sinkers are fine and not too tender.

Don't miss out on:  
Freedom Wall and Leaf Chairs! :)

Find Pearls and Bubbles at the Azotea, Mandalagan. Also at their second branch at the La Salle Ave.


Price starts at 85php
With the widest selection I can think of in the city, Sharetea has everything you crave.

From their best-sellers and my personal picks as well, are the classic sharetea milk tea, QQ happy family, Taiwan and Cantaloupe.

Don't miss out on: 
Pepper Chicken! (and wasabi chicken too! )

Find Sharetea at 15th Lacson Street beside L'fisher Hotel


Milk Teas start at 50php only!
Serving the most affordable milk-tea but with good quality is Mang Cha-a.

From what I've tried, I love their wintermelon milk tea the most. Pair it with grass jelly or pearls for an added goodness in your cup.

Don't miss out on: 
Yakult Milk teas

Find Mang Cha-a at SM City, Bacolod


Milk teas start at 115php
Milk tea has never been this quirky. People in Bacolod are so lucky to have Tokyo Bubble Tea branch out at the city.

To the cafe serving thousands of little pearls (aka bubbles), it's always a great fix with a cup of royal milk tea or honey dew.

Don't miss out on: 
California Maki! :)

Catch Tokyo Bubble Tea at the Central City Walk, Robinsons Place, Bacolod

So there you have it, guys. Craving yet? ;)
I hope this post serves a bit of informational to you 
and feel free to comment or send me a message for other deets and questions. 

Much love, 


  1. Hi! Love your review :) Why don't you try the Gold leaf tea? I heard and read about it on http://www.webbline.com/gold-leaf-oolong-tea-review-the-good-diet-tea/ and its a good diet tea :) not really a milk tea shop but I hope you find some time to ty it :D

  2. wow! so much selections to choose from while staying in Suntrust bacolod. Thanks for the info.

  3. Okay, now I have this list! I'll sure to visit each one this summer. We will be in Bacolod this hot days for we are to visit this house and lot.