Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Balaring Hits

BALARING-Silay City, Negros Occidental, PH.
Sunday, 02-16-14

                    For the first time in forever, I've finally come to try out the famous seafood restaurant in Balaring- Tama Plaza. Thanks to my friend Aliana, for inviting me out for lunch to this place. It was one of the random invites she usually comes up with. This time, with regard to her Senior's Project, she had to cover the eco-tourism part of Silay City. That's when the random-lunch date comes in. 

                   From Bacolod, it is only roughly a 10-minute drive from the city to reach Silay- passing through the new "shortcut" road to the airport. Then another 10 minute-drive from the church in Silay to Balaring. If it happens you have a random trip to Balaring like us, here are a few of the basic essentials you will actually need:

  • Sunscreen
    • Well, in this case, it is really up to you to brave the scorching heat (unprotected), knowing that it's  in the sea-side.
  • Cash
    • This is not optional. You will really have a wide selection of seafood dishes from say, more than 5 sea-side restaurants. You can't pass on this one coz they are all so yummy! 
  • Umbrella 
    •  Parking is really cruel. If it's lunch time, better reserve a parking space in advance, in order for you not to park miles away. That's where you need the umbrella.
  • Camera 
    • any cam will do. This is optional though. But then again, it's ideally good to capture the sea, sun, seafood, eco-park and well, moments! Visual memory may not be good enough you know. ;)
  • A friend or more.
    • You can't just go solo. This is not a group-trip to miss after all. You can go alone, but it's more fun if you tag along a friend or two so you can share on the food, expenses and fun!
  • GAS!
    • THIS IS OPTIONAL. But a very friendly advice, fill your tanks up because gas stations are miles away from the restaus. You have to get back to the city proper for a re-fill. Although, you can re-fill on your own if you have extra stash. But if you're loaded, some local stores nearby also sells per liter-however, twice the price of that on stations.

                Well, you aren't to religiously follow all the stated essentials but in my case, it is really applicable. You should really try visit this place. It's a quick refresher and a quick getaway break from the crowded city.

Few of my mobile photos. Lower photo on the right is by Aliana Juson.
              Of all the restaurants, we chose Tama Plaza because it is eye-catchy. Also, many local celebrity tourists had already been there so we gave it a 'go'. The place was cozy and has free wifi too! The crew were kind and very accommodating. The food was also great. Especially the grilled 'Tanguege' (according to their menu). It tasted like meat! Their Sinigang is also a winner. It can actually fill 4 hungry tummies. Servings were big and really worth-it of its price. Definitely coming back to try more! ;)

Photos by Aliana Juson
There you have it, guys. Another fun-filled, random lunch-date entry. ;)

Much love,

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