Saturday, March 29, 2014


Summer is finally here! 
For the last months I've been grueling in my senior year in college, it has finally come to a stop. I'm officially a La Sallian graduate! And as I've promised, I'd get back to blogging on a regular basis and so to a quick head-start, let's have a summer cooler as a welcome drink! ;)


Located at the Dream 21 Building along the 21st of Lacson Street, stands Treahouse-Bacolod. It is a milk-tea cafe offering a variety of milk tea flavors, yakult-based fruit drinks, fruit teas, juice cleanses, and their latest offer, coffees!

(throwback photo) Cocoa RSC

 Serving yet my favorite blend of winter-melon milk tea, Treahouse is one of my top milk-tea stations. Their drinks with Rocksalt and Cheese (commonly known as "RSC") is also a must-try.                                          

My top 5 drink recommendations would be:               
1. Cocoa RSC
2. Wintermelon Fruit/Milk Tea
3. Red Bean Milk Tea
4. Barista's Secret Milk Tea
5. Green Apple Yakult with Nata                                  
Since it's summer, I've been on a strict diet-watch  and drinking sugar-infused drinks is the least of my priorities to at least achieve my summer body. Knowing that it has been a trend in the metro to inject a set or a couple of bottles of cleanse juices to their fitness workout routines, I really wanted one. However all sellers are located outside Bacolod and I'm not quite at ease with the idea of shipping the juice drinks as the flavor might differ. Luckily for me, juice cleanse drinks are  up for grabs at treahouse.

They offer a full set of 5 flavors: Detox, Glow, Brain+ , Digest and Active.
From there I really love their Detox Juice. It is a healthy blend of Apple, Cayenne, Celery and Cucumber making it perfect for your goal of losing or maintaining weight. It can also be a dinner/ afternoon snack replacement.
Detox Cleanse Juice- Perfect for the Summer Heat
And my all-time-fave, Wintermelon Milk Tea

 We even scored these yummy goodies for free during our latest visit. Thanks treahouse! :)

My bff, everyone. Meet Choleng :)

Cleanse juices are also available for take-outs and comes with a free delivery service within the city!

There you have it guys! Don't let the sun stop you from getting a sun-cooler fix. Just make sure you choose the right blend and drink that's healthy for your body. ;)
Giving treahouse a visit anytime soon? Visit their FB Page for more deets on this happy place. Spread the happiness! LINK TO TREAHOUSE'S FB PAGE

Much Love,

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