Monday, April 9, 2012

Bearland Paradise Resort

Bearland Paradise Resort is located in Brgy. Tanpael, 5021, Tigbauan, Ilo-Ilo  Philippines.

I was one of the few to witness the soft opening of the Resort. The place was nice even though it was not yet fully developed. They have a sunken bar and infinity pool to relax your senses. 

One will really enjoy staying there especially knowing that it is really accessible coming from the city. It's an instant 'STAY-CATION' getaway if you ask me.

As I've heard from the locals, the owner of the place is a German and there was a hint or two of "German-ish" vibes everywhere. It was cozy. I also saw a boat with a name "BArland"  on it and so I thought it was some sort of a glimpse from where the name of the resort came from.
(Although I wonder how they really started.)

That's me, obviously enjoying the infinity pool :D

Us. chillin' by the sunken bar

The boat I was talking about. :)

Sure we had a great time experiencing the fun brought about by the sun, sand and the sea; also by the pools, cabanas and the Jacuzzi. I'm looking forward to their Jet Ski features and other fun indulgences in the future.

Wishing to go back real soon!

So there you go. Take a glimpse of paradise too and tell me how your experience went. ;)


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