Friday, June 15, 2012

Hong Kong Recessionista

Hi there! So basically, this is my first time to visit Hong Kong. I went there with my family and we stayed there for about a week. We stayed in Silka West, Kow Loon. It was a very fine hotel as it serves one of the best SIOMAI's I've ever tasted! haha (siomai is my comfort food).

For a first timer, I really had a good time experiencing another culture and gave me a new light in travelling. I think I will be addicted to it! :)

So here are some photos we took and be guided with the kinda-lenghty captions I'll consider. :)
My excited face arriving at NAIA, Manila.

Our smiles as soon as we landed the HK International Airport
Taking a pose while waiting for the other luggage
Hong Kong is just so clean and green I can't get enough photos!
These buildings are sky-high. Lands in HongKong as I got to know, is just as expensive as gold!
That's why they don't have crowded squatters area as the lower-class people rent spaces on tall buildings.

le hk dollars :)
In here, It's my first time to see a woman driving the taxi!
Their cars are right-hand drive by the way.
And this smile goes to the time we arrived in Silka West Hotel, Kow Loon.
check out the bags covered in nets at my back! hahaha

Meet our messy room and our guide maps.
My sister and I shared a room.

My sister looking at the "teletubbies" directory. haha

TabeRu-Ru madness :)

We called it the official first day after we devoured on the Sundae from Mc Donalds :)

So that was for the first day. Here goes our Ocean Park adventure. My feet are really aching but I didn't bother that much because I had so much fun riding the fab rides. We dared all the fury rides since we thought all the while that if we come back in HongKong, we might be old enough to ride again and who knows we might have highbloods and the like. haha. just kidding! :)

Mom trying her best to carry around this thingy. hehe. This was at the Old Hong Kong part.

A view from the cable car adventure.

Our first ride. The Whirly Bird. Well. based on the ride, it was not so much daring unlike when we tried the Flash wherein  our 9 lives diminished by 6! haha

can you spot the scared me? haha
(shouting face)

After the ride of the Flash. WE DARED. haha

my famished look. 

The ABYSS. enough said.

So that was something from our Ocean Park Adventures. Now, here's our Disney Exploration and a short tour on the Avenue of the Stars.

I was starving when I woke up so i devoured on these..hihi
One of the things I look forward to is the breakfast :)

off we went to the busy ourselves. This is one snapshot I took  as I was adjusting my camera settings :)

my sister and mom sitting pretty on the benches in Starbucks at the Avenue of the Stars

sorry for my immature photos though. I just got carried away :)

this was taken at the HK Jewellers. Spot the lady buddha  at the back! :)

My outfit for the day. :)

Outside the factory :)

Our first disney pic. just look how horrible I look! hahaha 

The Orbitron for our first ride

This is the castle that made me teary-eyed. All the little dolls representing  different nations made me realize the beauty of our own. Such a great gift. :)

tres marias wearing the 3D glasses. hihi

Our encounter with Aurora and the Prince. :)
They're sooo damn tall! haha 

A meet and greet with Tinkerbell

Eating some soup because we got tired and freezy :)

At the wishing well of Snow White.

Le Fireworks. One can't fully claim a complete Disney adventure without it :)

and then off to the train station. So long, Disney!

After we had the disney trip, we scored some goodies at the Ladie's Market. and of course, in between the days, we ate at some streets. We didn't miss that for the world. HK serves the best street chi-food.. :)
Here are some photos. :) although we didn't know what they are really made of, they just taste like GOOD FOOD :)

We shall visit HK again. :)

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