Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Sweetest Sem Break part 1

Hi there, friends! Welcome to my 6-day adventure as I traveled about 33 nautical miles away from the City of smiles to the City of Love- ILO-ILO CITY!! :) 

So, every year, it would take me around 3-4 times going back to this city since it's my hometown and every school break, it is really the place to go for me. It is the place where I can unwind peacefully without the stress of school works and the negative vibes. It is also where I spend most of my time eating my heart out and doing random photo-shoots with my cousin.

This one's for my latest trip.

We arrived in the city around 6:30pm and we were really famished. (I came with my bf)
The nearest mall was the Atrium so we headed straight. I wanted to eat something really heavy like in the Promenade but he insisted we try Floyd's Famous BBQ. 
Of course being so hungry, I can't think so well and just went on.
The place was great and the service crew were really accommodating. 

This is what I ordered. This was one of their famous dishes known as the Chicken Inasal. It looks delicious and tastes like it too. Well, except for their java rice which tasted like lemon and I didn't approve of that. I could have opted for plain rice.  The Pine-Orange Juice topped off our meal. It came as buy one, get another juice for free! What a score! :)

This is our satisfied look. We also enjoyed looking through the glass window and see the busy street outside. 
So all in all, Floyd's was a 7/10 :) not bad..

The next day, My cousin and I went for a City tour and shopping-Spree. The city has tons of amazing shops wherein your eyes will be flooded by different lovely things. We strolled in SM City Mandurriao and found many attractive outfits. Then we got hungry and headed to the newly opened Kenny Rogers.

This is my cousin.

I love her shirt so much!

my hungry face. hihi

Spaghetti with meatballs and a muffin (7.5/10-pasta; 10.5/10-muffin)

Creme Brulee (9/10)

Our next stop was at Plazuela de Ilo-Ilo. It was just a walking distance from SM. It has a lot of bazaars when we got there and the life-size figures of the Avengers.

A typical shot at their "Damas" (Female Comfort Room)

After the Photo-sesh, we headed downtown to score cheaper finds. We strolled for around 3 more hours and thus we became ninjas-Hungry Ninjas.

We tried out the local fast food chain, Hungry Ninja and delved on to their amazing dishes and their corresponding prices. It was really wallet-friendly and tummy-friendly too!
Take a peek at their menu and the marked down prices.

Sweet Chili Chicken @28php only

Original Chicken @ 24php (2 chickens)

Mango Float @25php only

Fish Bola @ 8php only

We ate all these for less than a hundred! Definitely coming back!;)

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