Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Sweetest Sem Break part 2

Here's the second part of my sem break escapade. This was the day after we went to our local cemetery to visit our loved ones who passed away already.
My sister, after her work, also followed in the city and enjoyed the rest of the long weekend.

We started our food trip at the Green Mango in SM City. It was my second time to eat there. The food was great and the prices were budget-friendly. :)
They also serve free soup just to amp the appetite. Really worth it :)

satisfied look in here.hehe

Then we went girl-time in the different shops and we really enjoyed most at the Etude House. Everything there just feeds my eyes. How I wish they'd branch out in Bacolod too! :(
Then I met up with my boy to watch skyfall. It was a very great movie. Although there are so many draggy parts. But again, I think it was worth watching since at first I thought I'd be that bored, but in the end, I just saw myself immersed in the film. 8/10 ;)

Afterwhich, my cravings for churros struck. So we decided to grab some at Dulcinea. They sold 5 churros con chocolate for 75php only. But they had a promo that we'd miss though. It was an unlimited churros for only a hundred pesos but only at a certain time of the day. We came there later than the period. :( But we'll make sure next time we'll try it unlimited and we'll see how many we could munch down in one sitting. :)
This is really delicous we even had a take home :)

Then we had our dinner at the famous Ocean City at the Smallville Complex.

Then off we went to Tuki Bar where they serve their best-tasting "Tukila", a tequila-mixed drink that tasted better when paired with lemon slices. 

After the hard drinks, we went to Nothing But Desserts at The Venue and scored some yummy treats :)
Wood Bouche

Hazelnut Macademia Mousse

 That was a blissful day indeed :')

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