Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cebu Getaway Part 3

Our last hours in Cebu were spent mostly on shopping and relaxing. But we didn't miss out on the Skywalk Adventure which we really looked forward.

This was at the Neo Neo Grill House near Acacia Street

Since we were feeling experimental that night, we tried their House Sisig, Pork BBQ and Talong Something. (forgot the name)

This Pork BBQ was a winner for only 13php/stick! :)

After dinner, we headed to Crown Regency Hotel and Towers for our Fun Skywalk Adventure. It was really exciting knowing that you will walk around the tower-but outside of its 38th floor! Although that was a bit scary to hear, we never miss out on adventures so we decided to move on and go for it. :)

freebies of the skywalk adventure :)

 When Skywalk-ing, you need to wear this suit to protect you from the cool breeze up there and to secure you that you are fully covered. Also, you need to wear closed shoes so we rented white rubber shoes and bought pairs of disposable socks. :) Note: If you're wearing a closed shoes like that of Ica's (in the leftmost), You may not anymore rent shoes and buy socks :)

So that's the most happy all-girls weekend so far! Looking forward for more adventures at the Crown Regency. Hopefully I can come back during the Sinulog (But I'll make sure I'd already have reserved at least 2 hotels to be sure. haha. kidding!)

Love Lots,
Fayemos <3

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