Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cebu Getaway Part 2

Our second day started with a heavy load of danggit and chorizo de cebu back at the buffet breakfast at Regal Hotel. Then my mom and I strolled at the Kapitolyo for a morning walk and then went back to the hotel to change.
After which, we all moved to the Taoist Temple. 

At the back is the wishing well pond. I had 4 coins before I finally made a wish. You have to shoot coins to the jar for a wish. :)

It was a typical hot day and mind you, we all had sun burns. haha

So after all the climbs, we headed to Ayala to grab some lunch since it was near our hotel. We ate at Sunburst and strolled for more hours. Cebu has just got tons of beautiful spots to offer. It feeds our eyes. :)

Chicken Wings at Sunburst

 Completing our day, we went all-out shopping at our fave store, Forever 21. Cebu's branch at the SM was really vast and we can't stay there for less than an hour. In fact, we had about 2 hours of fun there and we came back after discovering other stores.  I think we can never be "Finally 22" hehe

And to my one very important reason of visiting Cebu again, Mochiko and I finally met. :)
The store full of mochi ice creams instantly made me completely happy and satisfied. I really hope they branch out in Bacolod too!

Cookies and Milk Mochi @ 70 php only. Sooo worth it :) <3

So this ended my day. Much love for the mochi and from me.. <3
-Fayemos ^^

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