Sunday, January 20, 2013

Anhawan Beach Resort

Had a day-trip at Anhawan Beach Resort with my favorite girls by blood and my lil bro. Such a nice place to relax and dine.
Anhawan is located at Oton in Ilo-Ilo City. Riding a cab, it will take you around 30 minutes to an hour depending on traffic. Having the jeepney, an hour is required I think. Having a car or any private vehicle, it will take you less than 30 minutes depending on the driver. haha

Okay so getting there, you need to have a settlement unless you only want to dine-in there, have a picnic by the coast or simply have picture-ops.haha
 They rent tables, cabanas and private rooms. They're a bit price-y but it's worthy. :) They have an entrance fee which is also consumable on any of their facilities and food. That was definitely a catch. ;)

We went horse-back riding as it was one of their main attractions aside from their pool and jet-ski. However, I must say, they only have few amenities to enjoy for the whole day.
All in all, the trip was fun and peaceful. Definitely going back! (If they'd add more fun activities) :)


chillin' at the Sparks Cafe
This is the horse that never gets tired of eating.
mom boozing around. tee hee

 Isn't the place peaceful? People in Ilo-Ilo are really lucky to have a place like this just near them where they can actually sun-kiss themselves any time they want.

 Sissy doin' a shady pose matching her plaids. :)

 And that's me trying to devour a big slice! :)

So that's it! Ended the day with milkshakes but sadly I didn't have the chance to take a good shot of it since we all got wan in the car. Oh well, the perks of being a few nautical miles away from the city of love.

-Fayemos ;)

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