Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fifty Shades of Gray

You might wonder if I read the FSG book everybody's been hooked but no, I didn't. We just had matching GRAY shirts today. haha

So anyway, here's what aspired today. :)
We went to Balboa, in Mayfair Building and ordered Pork Sisig and Backribs. We were so famished after watching Les Miserables. Well that movie was after all worth watching since  I was wowed by the sets and the production and by my amazement that Amanda could actually sing! haha. 
Then we headed to Milk+ Tea Station at Balay Quince and had Almond and Chocolate milk teas. Their tea I must say is so strong although the sugar level we had was regular. 8/10. Their place was really cozy but compared to our previous visits, their chairs were already damaged. :( Okay so after the chill, we headed to Rob and called it a day. ;)

Didn't bring my cam so I think my IG photos will do. :)

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