Saturday, January 5, 2013

Moonleaf in Ilo-ilo

Hi! Sharing with you guys my take on Moonleaf Milk Teas as I tried 3 combinations. Of course I just tasted the other 2 aside from my pick. ;)

Here's what we tried. :)
From left: Wintermelon with Natta; Caramel with Natta and Hakka with Pudding (my pick).
Okay, we didn't have pearls because they ran out of it. (ugh)
Their wintermelon milk tea was nice. Not so sweet and you can really taste mostly, the tea. However, the Natta add-on made it blah. Same goes with the Caramel. On the other hand, I didn't opted for the natta going with my hakka so I tried their Pudding add-on. And so, I got what I wanted. :) Satisfied with the taste of black sugar (hakka) plus enjoyed the goodness of milk tea. Definitely coming back to taste more of their combinations and hopefully, with pearls! haha

Moonleaf has 3 branches in Ilo-ilo. We were at the Diversion Rd. Branch.
-Fayemos <3

They also serve cakes and other pastries. This was mom's slice of carrot cake since she's not so much of a fan of milk teas. :)

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