Sunday, January 6, 2013

Wamba's Bistro Bacolod

Going Spanish tonight, we headed to Wamba's Bistro at the Azotea in Mandalagan, BC.
The place is cozy and well lit. Also, the crew were attentive and welcoming. The music was also fit for their theme. So all-in-all, the ambiance is brilliant. :)

Looking at their menu, they only serve few dishes. They also have seafood dishes I'd really come back for. They also have the Corned Beef Steak with which I'm really curious. Every Sunday, they also serve Paella.

What we had for dinner were: Filleto de Luis (Beef Tenderloin tips with Garlic and Balsamic Vinegar), Barbequed Ribs in Southern Style Sauce, Lychee Shake and a glass of Iced Tea.

here take a look :)

Filleto de Luis

Barbequed Ribs in Southern Style Sauce



So it has been quite a while since we came back to taste more from Wamba's Bistro and thus we decided to explore more of its menu.

For their Valentines Menu, nothing much has changed and no buffet style. But I find it better compared to a buffet style wherein a person pays a big amount when he/she can only eat less of it. haha

Our picks were Chicken Fajitas and Corned Beef Steak. Such a sweet way to fill our tummies. <3

Chicken Fajitas

Corned Beef Steak

2nd Vday together <3

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