Friday, March 22, 2013

NEXUS: A Fusion of Elements (Bilib Awards 2013)

Hi friends! Here's to the event that greatly made my Junior year memorable.
So annually, the Events Management Class handled by my favorite professor, Mr. Rene Hinojales, handles the Bilib Awards. This is a celebration and an awards night for Communication students. A tribute for the Seniors is given, a welcoming pride for the Frosh and a recognition for all year levels especially to the ones who made the extra mile and reaching the top having special awards from different teachers and subjects.
As a junior, we were assigned to handle the big event. And I was assigned in the Set Design/Production team.
I tell you, handling this event is not as easy as you may see. It took the class about a year to really understand and put up with it. After the event though, you can really see the efforts of every single member of the team-of the entire class. From the months of preparations all along to the weeks of craziness and arguments, down to the days when we barely know each other, this event however, made our class bounded even stronger.
I know it sounds dramatically pathetic but it's all true.
I already miss the days when we are so busy making the sets and practicing the segments and everything. I will always treasure this experience. I will always love my BILIB;ELEMENTS family. <3 p="">
So here are some of the photos I managed to grab from my good classmates; Neel, Jaco and Quin. :)

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