Monday, March 11, 2013


 Fan of Thai Food? This might just be the perfect restau for you.
Tamarind Thai Soul Food Restaurant, located at the Central City Walk in Robinson's Mall Bacolod is serving really delicious Thai food at very affordable prices.

Entering the place, you will really have the "Thai-vibe" since the place is filled with decorations depicting the Thai culture. The ambiance is also perfect for those into Asian Cuisine.

  What we ordered: Thai Spareribs and Green Curry- Beef
 The Spareribs tasted so delicious and the Green Curry-Beef was just as nice. (If you're into very hot dishes, the green curry is perfect for you)

 Gonna come back for more food testing. haha. (We already tasted their pad thai during our first visit but too bad I didn't bring my cam. huhu). So anyway, there you have it! :)



  1. I've been in the lookout for good food joints in Metro Bacolod that offers quality food at affordable price. So yeah, thanks for this review of Tamarind, Faye. Haven't been there yet. I'll definitely visit the place one of these days. :)

    1. Hey! Thanks for the pleasant feedback. You should really explore Bacolod and its food! haha. Ever been to the Masskara Festival? Just email me when you need a tour guide here in Bacolod. ;)