Saturday, November 23, 2013

Tavern Hits

Curiosity strikes again as we've heard of the Sizzling Brownie concept. From the City of Love, we found ourselves lost in the streets across University of San Agustin. There we discovered Tavern- a local restaurant  offering a couple of meals and known for their specialty desserts: Sizzling Brownie and Ice Cream Burger.

The Ice Cream burger came out to be layered oatmeal cookies with vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate syrup. I give it a 6.5. I find it sort of healthy being all oatmeal-y and stuff but still all in all sinful because of the other components having all sugar. Also, it was really hard to eat! The oatmeal was hard and only softens when the ice cream melts. I guess basically that's the proper way of eating it. Still delicious though. :)

And for the main event, the sizzling brownie came with a cup of chocolate syrup that was poured all over the sizzling plate that made all the sizzling possible. The brownie was fine but a bit burnt at the bottom. Maybe because of the super hot plate. But somehow, it tasted chewy and goody. I give the brownie alone an 8 and together with the ice cream on top and the chocolate sizzles, I give it an 8.5 as a dessert.  Not bad. :)

So there you have my review on Tavern. You can still check it out for yourselves if you too, are curious though. Have a nice day! :)


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