Saturday, October 12, 2013

Miag-ao Trip

 After a long brisk walk and a bus ride for 3 hours, We've finally reached Miag-ao. I thought all the while it would take us forever to reach the place, commuting. But when we got there, the beautiful golden church(photo above) welcomed us and made us feel calm.
As what I've learned, the church is older than any human alive right now as it was built during the 1700's. It fascinates our minds how the church managed to hold strong despite all the happenings in country and the different conquerors that brought about big changes to a lot of early buildings. I wondered along how it stayed as golden as it is and only have few traces of ruins in it. This is such a national treasured spot, indeed. 

 I've managed to snap photos of the details of the church. The caretaker didn't allow us to enter the church though, since they were doing some general cleaning inside and they closed it for public viewing though he allowed us of course to take snaps outside. As what I've heard, the inside of the church looks themed as though Baroque-Romanesque. Too bad we didn't see it for ourselves. But still it's all good to see the golden structure. ;)

 I always become the photographer when I'm with my sisters and end up having the average shots for myself. (haha kidding!)

 And here are more photos for the church's details... You can see how well-crafted this infrastructure is and just imagine how lucky we are to have this as our national gem.

 A dozen of poses after, we got hungry and headed to Villa Marina, a restau within the campus of UP Miag-ao. We we're told to ride a trike going there from the church as it was near but hard to walk because of the steep roads. We also passed by the statue of Diwata ng Dagat and it was huge!

 And for our food, we refueled our hungry tummies with their famous Fried Bihon. It tastes like the classic bihon with a saucy twist. I wonder why they called it "fried" when it looks saucy and sauteed-looking. haha
Fried Bihon @ 45 php only
All in all the trip was fun. I suggest you visit this place someday. Although, I HIGHLY recommend you ride a private car or rent a van for that matter because traveling through commuting can really be such a hassle and can make you look and feel haggard especially when going back to the city proper.

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