Thursday, February 6, 2014


"The life which is unexamined is not worth living." - Plato

 Hi there friends! I finally come to the point of getting back on track. So basically this blog is about the story of my Dinagyang experience in 2014. Welcome to Ilo-ilo!

 So the "page 1" really means the first day of my weekend getaway. I went to Ilo-ilo on a Friday afternoon before the Main highlights. For Friday, I witnessed the Pyrolympics event for the first time (of all my dinagyang experiences) and somehow, I really enjoyed the idea that they have come up with a show as entertaining as that. I watched in Plazuela de Ilo-ilo (PDI) because all parking spaces in SM and MegaWorld are already full. I still had a good view though. An added bonus staying in PDI is that, it is one of the three major places having the Food Festival. It was very enjoyable watching the fireworks display while eating a slice of Reese's with-a-spoon cake from Maridel's.

Every contestant I think had to include a rainshower kind of effect so I manage to capture one from among the 14. Not a very big fan of this but it's so cute to pass. ;)

 The Plazuela got full around 4pm already. And by midnight, even the upper area was crowded. Sure the town has got something to look forward to every year though.
A view from the upper area of PDI

This display is my personal fave. It looks like a galaxy!

The night ended well with all the excitement in tact for the next two days of the main highlights. The vibe just turned- Hala Bira!

Up next is my Kasadyahan Experience.

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