Thursday, February 6, 2014


Dinagyang 2014, Saturday.

As soon as the sun got up, We headed to the Capitol Stage 2 to witness the Kasadyahan Dance Festival Contest. It was my first time to see this live and so I got really stoked we had prime tickets at the Center Stage. Seeing all the performers give their best as to make their cities proud, gave me all the chills and excitement.

The KASADYAHAN Dance Festival is basically about the showcase of different cities as to how they portray or conduct their festival rituals/dances/whatabouts. It is also a way of promoting their Festival through their costumes and presentation. The show is really magnificent and really heart-melting knowing that it is really one of the country's attraction.

 From this year's winner is the Pintaflores Festival of San Carlos. Their dance was graceful and their costume was colorfuly-amazing!

This photo was of Bacolod's Masskara Festival. Their dance was good although I believe they could've done much better, besides it's one way of promoting the City of Smiles.

And the free food at the Capitol. haha. This was a chicken burger which came with a pack of orange juice.

I love this photo because of the timing when I took the shot- exactly right when the girl opened her skirt. After the shutter click, she closed it back so, yes, I'm just happy. haha. What's unflattering about it though is the shadow of the head from one of the spectators at the capitol.

And this is me at the Capitol Stage 2 after the program. I also bought my tribal head piece from one of the festive vendors.

 Another Food Park where I came to visit was at the Capitol grounds. It was sponsored by Globe and other minor sponsors.

 We also took a very quick tour at the Capitol building...
A view from below the round balcony

This was the view from one of the offices on the third level. Here you can see the bridge at the pier.

 Then we headed back to Plazuela de Ilo-Ilo to see what's in it by the day. And from there, we had a quick stroll at the few opened kiosks during daytime. A couple of bazaars were also there and products were sold way cheaper than in malls. What a bonus! :)

Plazuela grounds by day-during the Dinagyang Festival Season

Meet my camera bag. What more way can I carry my DSLR cuter than this? It's basically one adorable and handy bag from hellolulu.

I had this drive of being all festive so I had an outfit that spells DINAGYANG. haha. Got these wonderful pair of earrings at Penshoppe.

So that's basically the sum up of  my Kasadyahan 2014 Experience.
Up next: Dinagyang Diary Page 3- Invasion!

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