Friday, June 20, 2014

CHALK TALK: Things I learned in Kindergarten

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Hey friends! Just a quick update we have here. 
Since I've been busy lately trying to connect with my little brother, I've pondered really much on the value of having (and appreciating) education.

Being a college graduate while constantly teaching my younger brother Kinder stuff is no joke. I have to talk real slow. I have to use both my hands in explaining things. I have to make up characters and build a story just to expound what I mean. I need to constantly remind him that sleep is much more important than watching Thomas and Friends. (and) I have to wake up extra early. 

Unconsciously, I'm learning myself from my little brother as well. I've learned that  reading can actually save your life; Being too colorful is messy; and in life, you don't need a lot of friends to have fun- all you need are a few true ones and you're good to go.

You see, whatever our reason maybe, as long as we live, we can't escape the learning process. And it's a positive change. We learn, re-learn and unlearn. It's even a fun experience. And although not all are privileged to go to school, it's not a hindrance in learning. We learn everywhere. 

So while studying or plainly living, we should appreciate the knowledge we get from this world. We may not know everything, but at least we can grasp a piece of it. Just like in kindergarten, we don't really have to take life so seriously. There will always be a lot of errors but we can fix them or at least accept them and do better next time. We don't need to be afraid of making errors. Instead consider them as another opportunity to learn even further. 

In life, you have to take fun seriously and appreciate whatever learning you have to live it better. The choices are all up to you. Remember, even kindergartens make choices. As much as possible, just choose the right ones and own up to it.

Much love,

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