Monday, June 23, 2014

A little too coffee

Made another vector-y lettering today. It has been my craze lately to create vector interpretations of quotes I can randomly think of. 
I had always been fond of doing lettering stuff since I was a kid and little did I know it will take more than a pen and paper to actually develop a thought into something (digitally) nice. 

Graphic Design isn't that hard after all. Just start from scratch, turn it into a couple of concepts, do a little abracadabra in the adobe suite and create an artwork straight from your vision. 

For starters like me, all you will basically need are a few things including: 
1. a Laptop 
2. Photoshop or any editing software you are familiar and capable of using.
3. and Ideas. (a lot of them)

So there you go. A coffee quote, teal background and a few vector coffee beans. 
Not bad for a beginner, right? (wink, wink!)

A photo of my iced mocha creation. #inspiration

Much love,

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