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Ilo-Ilo City// Dinagyang//  January 2015

With resolutions aside, I'm all set to make the most of this year and bring about all the fun memories and capture moments. Now, starting the year right, (and capping off the month), here's a full scoop of my Dinagyang experience this year.

Ilo-ilo City, Provincial Capitol

          Starting the festive hype during the Kasadyahan, we found ourselves immersed to the stepped-up game of the different dancers and cities who joined in the competition. This year, I can really say that almost all of the participating groups really prepared well and are one step higher with their fighting spirits.
KASADYAHAN. Masskara Festival Dancers from Bacolod City
            Betting highly on the Tatusan tribe and the Pintaflores group, you can't deny that the Masskara team also made extra effort this year! (Good job, 6100!)

 Neon-wise, the Pintaflores show this year was quite similar to their prod last year making it somehow a steady and lovely entertainment. (Although I really wished they had new stunts this year.)
(Video of Simply Iloilo via Youtube)

            And that's Tribu Tatusan, nailing it this year at the Kasadyahan Dance Competition.  What I loved about their performance this year was their concept. Not being the typical dance show you see, they had their story incorporated with a lot of fun.

Totally digging the crab-men dancing in the middle part, wearing blue crab costumes, climbing coconut trees! They were then cooked in a huge pot, until they were "cooked" and changed to orange costumes! Well played, Tribu Tatusan. ;)


            It was also a great privilege for me to witness the First Philippine Festival Costume Expo at the Provincial Capitol. The expo showcased costumes worn in various Filipino festivals.  It was such an honor to see the amazing talent of the Filipino people  who took pride in making such wonderful attires.

That's me (at the right) and Den posing in front of the Panayanon Costume Display. 

          Capping the night off partying at the Spectrum's Dinagyang 2015 Invasion. Although the place was quite packed with teens, teens and more teens, it was a fun night to kick off the festive vibes. Not much rave but it was all good. ;)


Breezing through the major day (highlight),  I enjoyed all the Dinagyang Warrior's Dance as all tribes made it extra pumped up this year.

TRIBU PANAYANON. Winner of this year's Ati-Ati Competition.
Rain or shine, dancers didn't stop on this note. That's why, with all due respect and honor, I'd definitely have hands down to this amazing festival. 

Watching the event at the Capitol Stage 2, I didn't have the best view (obviously), But hey, it's better to see them perform live than on TV! (or at the streets, not even seeing the whole performance). Not complaining though. ;)

Looking forward to next year's bash. This year was quite extensive and a lot more hyped up than last year, but I guess it was the weather who b*tched around making it a little less impeccable.

Alright, there you go- another page (or two) of my Dinagyang files. Hala Bira!:)

Did you make it to the Dinagyang Festival this year?
How was it? Let me know! ;)

Til then,


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