Monday, December 1, 2014

Random day at The Ruins

Got to spend a few hours back at The Ruins to tour my aunt who visited the city. Seeing the place again, I saw that nothing much has changed aside from a few food stalls, higher entrance fee (LOL) and a few cafe chairs for that matter.

Photo credits to my boyfriend who played photographer. tee hee

and of course a special spot for him. haha

The Ruins around 6:30PM
 We were catching the magic hour to have our shots taken but we made it a little late so we ended up staying til sunset. I strongly recommend you to go to The Ruins around 3PM til 5PM so the sun won't give you much of a hassle while enjoying playing around with the natural lighting. Plus you'll enjoy more of the place when it's not dark yet and you will actually get a hold of the structure and see the finer details.

While enjoying a cup of coffee by the cafe, don't forget to catch the ruins turn 'golden' when the sun sets! ;)


The Ruins is located at Talisay City, Negros Occidental.
The current entrance fee is around a hundred and for students, there's a discount (Don't forget to bring your ID's).

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