Sunday, December 13, 2015

Deo. Optimo. Maximo.

If you're looking for nothing but fine artisanal cuisine in Iloilo City, then this might be your next stop.

From among the many restaurants in the city, Deo. Optimo. Maximo. attracted me most since when talking about 'Change', they embrace it. What I mean by that 'change' is the way they organize every meal into a gastronomical gourmet. They don't particularly stick to the basics and one certain menu--they change the whole game. Aside from being seasonal, which means their menu varies highly from the abundant harvest of certain crops and seasonal produce, they are valuing the concept of putting art in every dish. The only constant in their menu, to be honest, is change. --And that's why it was love-at-first-visit.

Come to think of it, most restaurants just offer you the same menu for years. Yes, you may have your go-to meal and all, but sometimes, you tend to get bored, looking for what's new in their menu (sometimes, looking forward to what's new) but end up with the same dish, on a different day.

Of course, there's no problem with that, some people can even eat the same dish every day in a year. But what I'm pointing out here is that, if you want to turn your every meal into an experience, then you might want to try this restau out.

Respect for food- that's what they live for. And that's exactly what matters. You're not only paying for the food, the service, the place, you're also paying respect to the bounty of nature. Sure, that's not monetary, but that's priceless even.


Complementary bread with Eggplant dip
Talking about the highlight of the restau-food. We had our complementary bread with eggplant dip. It was good. At first, it'll taste like a little exotic (probably just my tongue not being used to this dip), but after a few more bites, they'll just go well together. And you won't even taste the eggplant overpowering the whole thing.

Sisig Balls: 
(Pork Cheek, Market Greens, Sriracha, Cocoa Aoli, Nori, Sesame, Katsuobushi)
And for a fresher take, their sisig specialty was not served in a usual sizzling plate, instead it was on just a different plate, rolled into balls and served with market vegetables. It was topped with Katsuobushi, a (Japanese) dried skipjack tuna. It was a refreshing look for the usual sisig plate and it tastes fine too. It was too big for two people though. :)

Holiday Chicken: Roast Chicken, Bacon & Sourdough Stuffing, Mangosteen Jelly and Gravy

Visiting this place, especially this month, you shouldn't miss out on ordering this dish because it's one of their specialties for the holidays. And with that point aside, it tastes really good you won't mind you're just devouring chicken all along. As they'd say, it melts in your mouth making this one my favorite from among the dishes I tried.

Flat Iron Skewer

Since we can't have enough of their dishes, we ordered extra skewers off the grill. We tried out the Flat Iron Skewer. We were then asked to choose from various sauces which were also their specialty blend. 

That's our table.
Had thoughts of having too many wonderful dishes to try; yet so little time and tummies. (lol!)

We also tried their Dalandan Tsokolate juice, the Cucumber-ade juice, and a scoop of their homemade frozen yogurt for dessert. Their juices didn't disappoint. While it tasted like chocolate energy drink with a citrus aftertaste, I was amazed how they came up with the Dalandan Tsokolate idea after all. The cucumber drink was really refreshing. And for their fro-yo, it was a little bit powdery, I don't know how it became such with its texture but the taste was also winning. 

Homemade Frozen Yogurt scoop with caramel syrup
Below are the snaps that I managed to save from my snapchat. :)

True to their concept, I can attest to their idea of thinking globally about their food but staying rooted in the local. I am 100% sure that I'm visiting this place again. In fact, I'm already looking forward to the next set of dishes. (though I'm also hoping they'd retain the Holiday chicken or have banh mi's again). ;)

For the love of food, I highly suggest you visit them out. Find helpful deets below and feel free to leave a comment if you have anything you want to share. 


  • Deo.Optimo.Maximo., also known as "D.O.M." is located at Westland Gateway Complex, Donato Pison Ave., Brgy San Rafael, Mandurriao, Iloilo City.
  • Contact Number: 09173196699 
  • Opening Hours: Monday 12NN-3PM //5:30PM-10PM
  •                           Wednesday-Sunday 12NN-3PM //5:30 PM-10PM
  • Cash Only (Payment Method)
  • Accepts Walk-Ins, Reservations, Take out, Catering and Waiter Service

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