Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Steak Fix at Terrasse Bistro

Been wanting to blog about this bistro for so long already but I thought of blogging this when I have enough visits and tried a couple of dishes so I could give a better review.

And after a series of celebratory visits, I've finally decided what my favorite dish in Terrasse Bistro is. It's their Steak Frites. It's relatively heavenly in taste. I guess the cream sauce makes it more interesting and very tasty. You really have to try it yourself when you pay them a visit.

To be honest, every time I visit Terrasse, I always order Steak Frites or if I want to try another dish, I'd let my companion order it so I could still have a bite or two. It's just your go-to dish and more like a comfort food in a classy setup.

Beef Parmentier: minced US Hanger steak, creamy mash, cheese
If you're a big fan of creamy mash and cheese, then this is my suggestion for you. There's a balance of everything in it and the beef is cooked just right. Also, the salad on the side matches the flavor of the main dish. Just keep in mind when ordering this, you might want to skip ordering another side dish as one is already heavy enough. (But in my case, I loved their creamy mash so much that I ended up ordering another one. lol!)

BBQ Pork Rib - Jack and Coke BBQ Sauce, Coleslaw
With their Pork Rib, it was just good. I tried to eat it on its own and decide whether it deserves to be taken that way, with rice, or with its pre-selected side dish (coleslaw). I guess, it's best eaten alone or with a bottle of beer/wine. But if you're feeling like you want to have a heavy dinner, go ahead and pair it with rice, mash or anything you like. (Disclaimer: I'm not a big fan of coleslaw, thus, the decision)

Steak Frites- US Beef Shoulder Steak, salad, cognac cream sauce
And above is my fave. I guess, everyone's instant fave when dining there. This dish deserves a second and a third helping. (lol!) But however tasty this is, it's best eaten as soon as it's served especially when dining inside since when you relatively eat super slow, like me some times, the sauce tends to dry up and get thick--ending up ruining its main taste.

Braised US Beef Belly

Beef Parmentier, Braised US Beef Belly and BBQ Pork Rib were three of their main courses that I've also tasted aside from their Steak Frites. They were all good as well. Worth of its price if you ask me. I also tried their Garden Salad, merlot, and muscovado creme brulee. 

Other people would say they are a bit pricey but I guess for the taste, the ambiance, and the service, you'll be paying just right and accordingly. And again, spending on good food is never money wasted. :)

I will definitely come back here whenever I feel the craving for their Steak Frites kick in again. And who knows? They might add more dishes we'll all love in the long run. So if you're craving for some French cuisine and a good run for your steak longings, then this bistro might be your best bet.


Paying them a visit any time soon?
Saving you the time of looking for more info. See below for more deets. And you're welcome by the way! ;)

Terrasse Bistro,
F114, The District Ayala North Point
Talisay City

Landline Number: (034) 707 7002
Store Hours: 11AM-2PM and 6PM-11PM
Cuisine: French

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