Thursday, November 15, 2012

Chicken Charlie in Bacolod

Sharing with you a chicken experience in the city of smiles (and chickens!).

Chicken Charlie can be found in SM City Bacolod (where Bigby's was located before). It is a small store but good enough to accommodate at least a whole class.

The place is cozy and the design is brilliant. The crews were really pleasant and fast. However, the location of their cashier or the area where you'd have to order, is a bit wrong. Well maybe because it really faces outward and when there would be a long line, a tendency of lining outside might be a chance.

And for the chicken...

The chicken tastes sooooo good. However, it really comes small and a bit price-y.
Their fries tastes good although it's a bit greasy. And their red iced tea is well, okay.

cute waiting number

Will visit it again though, maybe it was just the start and they might change it somehow. Looking forward to try more from them! ;)
Pardon the mobile photos. Low Quality. :>

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