Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Always expect the unexpected.

Today, another earthquake moved our island and of course, people all around, got tons of different emotions and responses to it. It was believed to have been a 5.8-Magnitude earthquake, and you can really see things shaking. 

We were supposed to have a Special Media Forum in cooperation with Rappler at the MM Audi A in USLS around 1:00pm , but then it got cancelled after the trembling of the earth. I was really bothered since I was really curious about it. Hopefully, we'd have a fixed schedule for it again.

Afternoon classes were then cancelled and students were all asked to go home since the campus will close and once you're out, you're not allowed by the guards to enter any longer.

Many people panicked while many got annoyed. Some were even happy because their classes were off for the rest of the day. I chose to be happy. :)

Instead of trying to fuss about the happenings, I enjoyed a cup of chocolate dream at Kuppa with my boyfriend who had for himself a cup of mocha bliss.

As of now, I still haven't felt some aftershocks and so, my day is still quite the same.
So that's it, ciao! :)

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