Friday, December 7, 2012

Cebu Getaway Part 1

 Cebu City has always been a tourist spot.
That is why, for the long weekend, we ventured there.
Together with me are my fave cousin, mom and sister. It's an all-girl getaway <3.
We booked our flight a week before to save time and less hassle. We had Cebu Pacific.
Arriving at Cebu, we headed to Sugbutel, the hotel we had our stay reserved. But to our dismay, there was a cancellation of our reservation due to a fully-booked pack. And the Front Desk lady was really very disappointing and really unkind. Our timing was that with the visit of our dear president and of Pedro Calungsod. Too Bad, Really Bad. But since we were from the City of Love and Smiles, we managed to keep calm and proceeded to "Hotel-Hopping". :)
Hi! I'm a native of Cebu! Tee Hee.
Photo taken at the Sugbutel Lobby.
Our first stop was at the Islands Stay Hotel. Fully-Booked too. We were still accommodated wholeheartedly though. Their Front Desk Lady was really very helpful and offered us alternative hotels and allowed us to stay for a moment. Also, they offered us a chance to contact series of hotels to assure us we won't spend the night outdoors. haha :)

It was a really fun adventure although we weren't sure if we could have a good place to stay. And so by the middle of the day, we were famished and decided to go to the IT Park.

our sundae treat after winning the Mediterranean Crunch Challenge. 
 After strolling at the IT Park, we headed to Regal Hotel. Now this was winner. It was steps away from the Ayala Mall. ;) They also served us free buffet breakfast which satisfied our Danggit Cravings.

My haggard face after a 4-hour shopping spree at Ayala :)

 We had dinner at Bon Chon Chicken since we all wanted to eat onion rings that night. It was a weird craving, but it was met.
Lemon Lime Float

Tadaaa! the cravingssss :D

The Spicy Chicken that got us all calling firemen.  kidding.

It was a very tiring yet really fun day. Certainly, a day spent with your loved ones, good food and good city, can leave you at total bliss.

Much <3,

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