Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Sweetest Sem Break part 3

Our day started off with some pizza.
If there's a dish/food that I can live with forever, it would be pizza.

Way back when I was still in elementary, we had Sbarro in LaSalle Bacolod. And it was my favorite store. I used to be chubby and would trade anything for pizza. Years passed and the store closed. I became so sad until Yellow Cab replaced my longing. I'd still eat Sbarro though, but only when I visit Manila or Ilo-Ilo and that is why, I can't leave Ilo-Ilo without having a slice. :)

Ica's fave trio. We'd rotate slices upon biting. That has been our way ever since. hihi

It was a very windy day so we decided to stroll around the new Ilo-Ilo Esplanade. It is somehow a pathway that connects 2 distinct roads (Diversion Road and Molo access road). There is also a free Taebo exercise for the people to be physically fit. Anyone could actually try it. It was the plan of the government as I heard. Ilo-Ilo is really improving right now and I'm really looking forward for more innovations.

I guess this place will still improve in the days/years to come :)

After the photo-sesh with my girls, I met up with my boyfriend to have some milk-tea. I was craving for the cookies and cream (rocksalt and cheese) combo from the Trea House. He ordered the cocoa. It was also good. There was this "Oolong" flavor that I wanna try though.
I had our tea-moment shared on instagram and I tagged the TreaHouse. Then I knew they had a branch here in Bacolod too! That made me so happy :)

City Lights in Esplanade
After the Long talk, we then had a longer walk. We went back to the Esplanade and made it all the way to the end, back and forth. It was tiring if you come alone, but when you had someone to talk to, you can't really seem to notice how far you've walked. And so after the walk-athon, we headed to Bourbon Street at The Venue, Smallville.

My pick, Pasta Andouille. 9/10

Royal Baked Salmon. This was one of their best-sellers and when I tasted it, I knew why.

So that's all I can share. Words are not enough to describe how wonderful time was spent there. Til the next visit (hopefully, Dinagyang!)  ;) ;)

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