Friday, January 18, 2013

Easy Steps to make Polvoron :)

Hi! It has been a while since I've updated my blog so I decided a demo for a comeback! haha
Today I made special POLVORON. :)
Polvoron is a typical Pinoy dessert sold almost everywhere. It has been the favorite of  the young ones; "young once" and the "forever-young(s)".  It is usually made with flour, milk and sugar rolled into shapes and different forms and mostly wrapped in colorful japanese/wax/cellophane papers.

So here's my venture on making polvoron the first time ALONE (We were taught how to back when I was in elementary and we cooked in groups)...and what makes mine SPECIAL. :) 

Here are my basic ingredients:


Powdered Milk

Softened Butter

 You also need these tools:
Wooden Spatula

Measuring Cup and a Spoon
 Okay so starting off, I heated the frying pan and reduced to low heat. Then I stirred in the Flour continuously until it turned light brown. After which I transferred it to a another bowl.
Notice I placed my mixture on a bigger bowl. I needed to transfer since I'm gonna add some more to it.

This is the light brown state of the flour.
 Then I added the powdered milk and mixed well.

make sure that you sift all of the ingredients especially the flour to avoid the lumpy feel.
 Then I added sugar. In this stage, you may choose to add in some other bits to add up to the flavor of the mixture. You may use nuts, pinipig, cookie bits and a lot more.

Then I poured the melted butter. I had mine melted in a microwave since I thought of having time mixing using the softened butter.
 Then I mixed everything. Make sure that when you do yours, you completely mix everything so nothing gets left separated.. and then.... VOILA! You can actually eat this already straight from the bowl! :)
But I decided to shape and mold them so I can wrap them up. Sadly, I didn't come prepared with the "polvoron-shaper" so I used the little teacup from my tea-set toy collection to form them. :)

 Never thought these japanese papers were cheap so I had 3 colors ;)

Finished Product :) <3

There you have it! I was able to make around 50+ pieces since I didn't know the exact proportions so I resorted to a whole pack of 150g of flour and never did I know that it can make a gazillion! (kidding)

So happy I successfully made these polvorons and who knows? I might sell them and start a made-to-order business!  :))

Watch out for my next masterchef attempt as I'm thinking, KIMCHI! XD

love lots, 

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