Friday, March 8, 2013


Where can your twenty pesos go?
These photos were taken by my friend, Keith Cari-an and yours truly. We had this project for journalism and we were given the chance to choose our own topic to discuss. We chose to deal with a twenty-peso bill, what can it buy, where can it go, and what value it still has.
 With the bank note, you can already feed yourself. In this case, a typical Filipino street-food, Banana Cue, was on our top spot. You can actually buy 2 sticks with 20php.

  If you're feeling warm and thirsty, you can also opt to have a fresh Buko Juice in some side walks and if you're lucky, you can even eat the coconut meat. :)
 Who says you can't go places with only twenty pesos? Of roughly 3 "joy-rides", you can visit a lot of places already.

 During our day quest, we landed at the mall and found this perfect stall that sells goods for twenty pesos, basically. Well the name says it all even! haha
Feeling lucky? Scratch cards and well, "Luck" cards are sold 20php-up. And who knows, with the game of chance, you can double the twenty pesos and multiply it by ten or more. :)

 Colored Jeans for twenty pesos? Why not?!? We also ventured in some Ukay-Ukay (Thrift Stores) to see  if we can have some cool finds for 20php. Luckily, we saw a vast array of them.

 And if you're too lazy to download movies or go to theaters, you can actually watch a movie in a 20php worth of DVD. (This is not recommended though! No to Piracy! :D )

And at the end of the day, the bank note is still a bank note, the value is just the same, but the ideas and whatever you choose to do with it, is still somehow satisfying.

So there you have it!

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  1. This is fun! Love the pictures, too!

    Php 20.00 can get us one or maybe two items. But, I don't think I can get "that far" distance-wise with biente in my pocket. Siguro, if I have 2 or 3 orange bills, I can survive the day na. Like really, 20 can't cover my jeepney & trike fare going to work. Funny & sad at the same time, thinking of its value 10-20 years ago compared to its value today. Yey economy! :))

    1. haha I know 20 won't bring you "that far" in Manila but here, you can actually enjoy 3 rides already. :)) I really hope you can visit here soon!