Friday, October 11, 2013

Book Latte, Ilo-Ilo

Book Latte is located in Quezon Street, Ilo-Ilo City- Near Robinson's Place Ilo-Ilo. Just right in the middle of the city and a few minutes-ride away from the local pier. 

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If you are the type of person who can read books for an hour to five (and a sucker for coffee or frappes), then this place is perfect for you!

So what's so special about this cafe?
Not only the wide range of drinks and treats to choose from, but also a wider range of books to read! It's a unique hangout having a mini library (for your inner-geeky self) and a chill place to have your caffeine fix -rolled into one.

AND what makes this place even more cool is their super tasty treats and a very cozy ambiance. This should be on your to-go-to cafes in the city of love. ;)

Forgot the name of this dessert(OMG I'm such a bad blogger!) but I'm pretty sure it was a crinkle-based ice cream topped with choco syrup. (price is P45.00)

Our frappe picks were the Mocha Latte and the Butterfinger Latte @ php95 each

Their frappes taste good though. I'm rating it a 9/10. ;) 
 Will definitely come back to try their NY cheesecake frappe. (so long, diet!)

My foodtrip partner

At the Romance Section. We chose the seat at random but well, fate? haha :)

I hope they give free passes to non-members living outside the city though. Totally digging some fictional books from one of their exclusive sections. ;)

So there goes my sweet review for the hippie cafe in Ilo-Ilo. 

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