Friday, August 8, 2014

Hollywood Dreams: A Day at Universal Studios, Singapore

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. - Helen Keller

Got to spend an entire day at the Universal Studios, Singapore with two of my favorite girls. Had such a great time and will definitely go back soon! For now, let me share (and take you) to you USS in six scenes. Enjoy! ;)


 Starting the adventure with fuel (and by 'fuel' I mean food), we headed to Mel's Drive-In for an All-American treat. The restau's really quirky with a retro-vintage feel. It had vinyls, jukeboxes, bright lights, and some vintage cars parked outside! 

 Walking down the streets of Hollywood Boulevard, you can see a bunch of your favorite universal cast of characters from Marilyn Monroe down to Frankenstein, and even to Woody Woodpecker! You can also enter different shops and of course, enjoy a theatrical production at the Monster Rock. 

Nice try, Frankie!


Of all the areas in USS, it's in New York where I really had a good time. Aside from the beautiful and picturesque scenes everywhere you turn, it's where I found Steven Spielberg's live craft. I was totally blown-away when we entered the Lights, Camera, Action! production house hosted by Steven Spielberg. It was really awesome getting to witness a production taking place in an empty sound stage and eventually turning into a setting for a hurricane about to enter the city. Everything felt so real!

That's me and my mom trying to pose in a random spot just to challenge the idea of "everywhere-you-turn-is-picturesque". Well, it might just be the lights or my mere fascination. haha


 Just a few steps away from NY, is the Sci-Fi City, the land of the autobots. From there, you can either ride the intergalactic Accelerator or go extreme riding the Transformers The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle. We rode both and found ourselves trying to put back together our stamina.

(BB in Chevy form)

Since Optimus Prime was more like a tourist attraction than an autobot, I opted to strike a pose with Bumble Bee instead. (excuses. haha)

Above is a photo I took inside the 3D Ride. From the looks of it, I guess it's a sort of a weapon in Transformers.


And in a snap (actually a few meters walk), we're transported back to the ancient times. In the Ancient Egypt, you will see a lot of stone works and instantly feel a hotter vibe despite the breezy weather. 
At the main entrance of the Revenge of the Mummy.
Enjoy riding desert jeeps at the Treasure Hunters or go extreme in the indoor roller coaster at the Revenge of the Mummy and come face to face with a lot of mummies and ancient beetles!


If you're the type who goes to amusement parks to get wet or enjoy all sort of rapids-adventure, then this is the perfect place for you. Don't miss out on the thrilling river raft ride at the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure. You can also catch a live water show at the Water World or simply have fun at the Canopy Flyer, Amber Rock Climb, and Dino-Soaring!

There are also 'Drying Pods' for you to dry yourself up after having been soaked at the dino land. 


 Your USS trip will not just be complete without a dose of ogre madness. Aside from Shrek's gorgeous castle, enjoy the 4D Adventure and feel the thrill as you join Shrek, Princess Fiona and donkey in a fairytale journey. 

 The fun doesn't stop there though. You can also visit Madagascar and a lot more shops and restaurants. Looking forward to come back here soon! (Hopefully with my little brother)

So there you have it! Visiting USS anytime soon? I hope you really enjoy as much as we did. and Don't forget your cameras to document all the fun! ;)

Much love,

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