Thursday, November 27, 2014

Beans & Bros. Cafe, Bacolod


Beans & Bros. Cafe currently branched out in Bacolod- located at the Northpoint Atrium Building.
It's a quaint cafe with a touch of modern vibe and a London-inspired selection.

Entering the cafe, you'll feel at home with the very relaxing setup and welcoming crew. The place can approximately accommodate 25 persons at the same time. It's a relatively small cafe where one can really spend quality time alone (or study) over a good cup of coffee or raspberry soda.

For a local cafe, the price range is wallet-friendly. Their food selection come in handy starting at around 90Php; and drinks at roughly below a hundred. 

Pasta Alfredo x Green Apple Soda
From their menu, I've tasted two of their pasta dishes - Alfredo and Aglio Olio. Their Pasta Alfredo is winning my taste-buds and I'm giving them a high rate of 9.5 right there! You really shouldn't miss out on that dish. (I even came back for it! haha)

I also tried out their Beef Tapa. It's so delicious and I'm currently giving it an 8/10 Because I think it should really come with an egg or something to balance it out. Its flavor was so full and rich though. 

For the drinks, I've tried out their Green Apple Soda (or Fizz) and their Iced Irish Mocha. As for the soda, it was the typical thirst-quencher, thus 7/10. Their Iced Irish Mocha however was close to perfection. It was not too strong, the nice coffee kick was there and it was not too sweet either. It's a good 8.5. ;)

But anyway, it all boils down to how I find it. Go try 'em out and tell me how you think.
Alright? Have a great day!

Much love, 

Heading to Beans & Bros. Cafe soon?
Click the link below for more of their deets.

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