Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Stop Spot Cafe, BCD


Located at the 13th of Lacson Street in Bacolod is Stop Spot Cafe--An Asian-Fusion Restaurant perfect for your cravings!

Entering the cafe gives you a welcoming vibe and a clean ambiance. If you're the type who enjoy eating at a cozy place with less people, then this is the perfect place for you.

Talk about back ribs, chicken pesto, sisig, garlic chicken, sinigang and a few more, they have it all in their menu. Their food selection might be limited but it has mostly the usual cravings you get for lunch.

Starting at 100php, you'll already have your cravings fixed. ;)

Clockwise from upper left: Garlic Chicken, Chicken Pesto and Back Ribs + a pitcher of Iced Tea

That's me and my college buddies. :)

From what I've tried (chicken pesto), I'm giving it a strong 7/10 rating. Their chicken is a little too cooked and their pesto sauce tends to dry too quickly plus the butter in it separates a bit. Needs a little work on the sauce but it was all good and a hearty lunch indeed.

Heading to Stop Spot soon? 
Find their contact deets here. (Click the link below)

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