Monday, March 23, 2015

Tom N Tom's Coffee, BCD

"Life begins after coffee."

Palpitations aside, guess I've found another go-to coffee place. Located at the 26th Lacson Street in Bacolod is Tom N Tom's Coffee Shop.

Knowing that their branch in Bacolod is the flagship store in the Philippines--makes me feel so lucky and happy. (That means, it's just a drive away!)

Cute spot at Tom N Tom's

 Tom N Tom's Coffee Shop is a very spacious cafe. I think it can accommodate around 200-250 people all at the same time. Surely you can have your me-time in one corner; smoke and lounge with your buddy at the smoking area; or have your circle of friends gathered at another spot. It's like a mini coffee city if you ask me. ;)

Iced Cafe Latte and Iced Cafe Mocha

Being an international brand, specifically a Korean franchise, the price of their drinks pretty much resembles that of SB's. Drinks also comes in sizes: Tall, Grande and Venti. Different merchandise are also sold inside the shop, just across the main counter. You can choose from cute mugs, to beans, and even coffee grinders! Coffee shopping is really fun after all.

They also serve a couple of pastries and their famous pretzels in various flavors, sizes and dips. What's more--they make them right in front of you! Now that's a treat after another, right?  ;) 

Honey Butter Bread and Green Tea Tomnccino

Overall, I love the place as much as I love coffee. For the taste of their coffee, it has a different and unique blend--another one to try if you haven't yet. It's definitely worth-it! OR- just give it a try because I'm a little biased when it comes to my lattes (I prefer mine with just the right coffee kick and the lightest blend of milk).

Now if you're heading to Tom N Tom's Coffee anytime soon, just make sure to come early to have a convenient parking space just beside the shop. It usually gets crowded in the small street adjacent and in some cases, you'll have to walk a short distance to a much spacious parking area. 

Enjoy your coffee and let me know how your visit went. :)


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