Saturday, April 25, 2015

Summer Sweetness at Sugar Beach

 From the humble coast of Sipalay City, lies the truly beautiful shore of Sugar Beach. I never thought there was even more from the last time I visited Sipalay. It was really just a glimpse I had back then. Now, basking in its beauty and soaking the sun, sand and the sea all over, I've actually found another perfect beach spot. Sure there's a lot more beaches to explore, but trust me on this one- It's actually worth visiting.

     Traveling from 6100, it will only take you approximately 3-4 hrs. depending on your driving speed and/or the traffic. So I suggest you leave early so you won't get stuck in the congested road and end up reaching Sipalay in more than 5 hrs. AND, when I say early, that's around 4-5AM-early. ;)

And although it's a long travel time, reaching the destination won't disappoint you. From the point of stop in Sipalay, you will then take a boat ride to the island-Sugar Beach. And from Sugar Beach, the possibilities of a perfect and peaceful getaway are endless.

    Sugar Beach is like a mini-Boracay sans the malls and a rather uncontrollable crowd. But they have a long strip of cottage inns/hotels complete with cafes and bars. If you're lucky, some inns offer a package deal where you can enjoy snorkeling, island-hopping and diving. 

     The island is really peaceful and for me, it's really an ideal beach destination for you if you're the type who goes to the beach to really enjoy the sun on your skin; the clear water drenching your body; and just relaxing your toes to the powder-like sand without worrying for annoying humans trying to sell you lotions, drinks, souvenirs, henna or hair braids, like every five minutes. 

But seriously speaking though, it's a go-to spot perfect for those random beach cravings that you have. Plus, it's really budget-friendly. Sounds really perfect right? :)

      Discovering this island is like finding a precious gem. Luckily, it's for all of us to see. So, if you're up for a random beach trip and your thoughts are focused on this beach, then I guess you're on the right track. 

Hoping to get back here real soon. --And I'll see you there, yes? ;)


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