Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Katy Fever: Prismatic World Tour 2015; Philippine Stop

Around 30,000 people came to the Philippine Arena to catch Katy Perry’s Prismatic World Tour- Philippine leg last May 7, 2015. It feels really surreal being a part of that statistic. 

Despite the horrific traffic brought about by the concert (imagine five hours on the road), Katy Perry rocked the country at the Philippine Arena. It was a great time for Katy overload, dancing, sparkly things and colorful concert outfits. It was also filled with notable personalities from the country. 

“We want everybody to feel uplifted at our show,” Katy said. “We’re gonna show up every single time because we said so. They’ll have to take me on a stretcher before I quit.”

Being said by Katy, one will automatically love her, or even more if you’re already a big fan. It was a real statement showcasing how she is so professional and hard-working when it comes to dealing with her audience (Katycats) and performing as best as she always did.

I guess she wanted people to think that they are getting their money’s worth, and based on her performance, there’s no doubt she did.

She performed ‘Roar’ first and then filled the arena with fantastic vibes, extravagant set and braced through the night with songs from her Prism album. Part of Me; a remix of Wide Awake; Dark Horse; Walking On Air; The One That Got Away and a mash-up of This Is How We Do were all performed and if you're a real Katycat, you cant help but get teary-eyed. Tears of pure bliss that is. :)
Also, there was a notable breaker when a very lucky guy from the audience got the surprise of his life when Katy asked him to join her onstage to teach her Tagalog. She even asked for a selfie-making everybody else in the Arena jealous.
After a few more hits, Katy sang all the way back to her top hits from previous albums: I Kissed A Girl; Hot ‘N Cold; Last Friday Night; and a medley of Teenage Dream and California Gurls. She ended the night with “Fireworks’’ complete with a rainbow-themed setup making it definitely a night to remember.

Must admit, still on a Katy fever high. Hopefully I can watch her perform again when she gets back here.


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