Friday, June 5, 2015


Capping off my summer 2015; and another check off my bucket list, is a day well-spent swimming with the gentle giants.

From the meek town of Oslob, comes the vast playground of whale sharks. For years, the town was just merely a stopover and a passing route going to Sumilon Island or the Tumalog Falls. It has only  been in the late years when it became a whale-shark tourism site.

Whalesharks (also known as “TUKI”), has been captivating hearts of local and foreign tourists in the place. They have been in the area, playing and swimming around without harming a single spec of humans. I find them really cute despite their enormous size.

Going there, it will take you a minimum of three hours from Cebu City, depending on the traffic and the mode of transportation that you use. I suggest you leave the city very early as the whale shark’s visibility is best early in the morning between 6AM-9AM. Also, the whale-shark interaction is only held until 12:30PM. You don’t want to rush your encounter with the main attraction so again, come a little early unless you’ll stay overnight and catch them the next day.

Being my first time to swim with the gentle giants, I must admit that I REALLY got scared at our first encounter. Sure I know how to swim, but the time I saw the baby whale shark, I think I forgot how to even breathe. Haha! The baby whale seemed as big as a typical sedan car and the mother whale was as big as a bus! (I’m not even kidding). But as gentle as they are, they were the most harmless giants I’ve come so close with; and with a few more dives, I’ve got to enjoy the whole encounter. It was one of the best 30 minutes of my life and sure it was a wonderful experience I’ve got to try all in all.

Now if you’re heading to Oslob as well, here are a few tips that you might want to consider before your Tuki encounter:

  • ·         Pack light. Especially on your boat ride going the whale shark spot. The boat is not as spacious as you might think and it’s just relatively enough for your snorkel gears and a small bag.

  • ·         Wear your life jacket if you don’t know how to swim. Also, you can borrow them for free, so if anyone asks you for a renting fee, you can ignore them by all means.

  • ·         Bring your own mask/ snorkel gears for hygienic purposes. But you can also swim without the said gears.

  • ·         DON’T wear sunblocks as they are considered poisonous to the whale sharks. Further explanation about this warning will be given at the Briefing Area.

  • ·         Bring extra cash. And don’t forget to give tips for the divers that will accompany you. (OPTIONAL)


 There you have it- my whale-shark experience. 
Can’t wait for your encounter with them too! 
Don’t forget to take loads of photos and enjoy, alright?


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