Thursday, July 9, 2015

Finding Comfort (Food) at Bistro Carcosa


Finding new cafes in Iloilo City has been a craze lately. The search for the best has always been a constant battle. The list of new places to dine keeps on getting longer and longer.
And on my latest quest, I’ve finally had the chance to dine in Bistro Carcosa. I’ve always wanted to try it out there but to no avail since I’d always have a busy schedule in going to the city or my shopping time gets a little longer. lol!

But as a self-proclaimed foodie, I never missed my chance on trying out this café when my schedule finally cleared up.
The place was cozy- a little minimalist with a rustic feel. My kind of café.
As soon as we got there (convinced my mom to go with me), the place was already inviting. Although you can’t easily spot it along the highways or streets as it’s found in the corner area of the Uptown Place. Still, being an eager beaver, we headed in.

When we had our lunch, at the most unlikely hour, there were a few people who were also dining. And I thought this place must really be good that even after past the regular lunch time, it was still packed with diners.

For the food:
It's price-worthy and the taste was uniquely good. It’s a comfort food with a classy look. Absolutely gastronomical. (Or at least in my case and based on the dish that I tried)

Big Boy Ribs x Garlic Mashed potato
Truly coming back to try more of their dishes and as such, I highly recommend this bistro. 


Bistro Carcosa is located at the Uptown Place, in front of Sarabia Manor Hotel.
Open from 11AM-11:45PM ( Monday- Sunday)

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