Friday, July 10, 2015

Sky Lounge Dinner: Blue Elephant at Apple One


I’ve always been a fan of sky lounge setting especially dinners. I’d love to dine while enjoying a good view of the city. I don’t really mind if it’s the highest floor or the tallest building-I’m all for the unique dining setup it brings.

On my latest trip to Cebu, I wanted my visit to include a dinner or a lunch date with a sky lounge setup so I browsed through various places offering what I wanted. Among my ‘places-to-try’ are: Lantaw, Blue Elephant at Apple One, and a restau from Crown Regency Hotel.
Given the unruly weather when I got there, I didn’t consider going to Lantaw anymore since I heard it was a little hard going up there. And being left with two choices, I chose Blue Elephant because it was strategically nearer than my hotel and Ayala Cebu. (In fact, it was right beside the mall!)

I had a table reservation for dinner and as soon as we got there, I instantly had a lot on my mind. Pros and Cons. I suggest in dining up there, one should reserve your expectations as it can go from what you expected to a total opposite setup.
The place was totally blue. The lights and the whole setting. It was a cozy lounge-perfect for coffee/wine in the afternoon. However, it was relatively small for a restau serving dinner (although, there was a VIP lounge, an indoor and an outdoor area that you can choose from).

For the food:
It was really good. Dishes were unique and had a different take on the mix of Asian cuisine. It’s also budget-friendly and the serving is huge. Despite the bipolar weather trying to ruin the outdoor setting, the food made up for it.
Korean Premium Back Ribs
Frozen Iced Tea
Bagoong Fried Rice
Buttered Fish Fillet with Garlic

All in all, the experience was good. I got my sky lounge fix; a great view of the city; and good food. It was a great date after all.

Although a little pointers if you’re planning on dining there too:
  • It gets really crowded at night so make necessary reservations ahead.
  •  If you’re very vain with your hair, choose the indoor setting as the wind gets tough up there. It might ruin your date if you’ll fuss about it all night.
  • IT MIGHT RAIN. So again, indoor setting is your best bet.
  •  EDM songs are usually played outdoors-that’s up to you to decide. But there are live bands to entertain you in some days so ask away upon reservation. 
  • If you’re in Ayala Cebu, forget the cab-you can walk going there.
  • There's a cover charge of 350php per person for those who wants to eat at the VIP Lounge, and 300php per person for the roof deck. Both charges are consumable.
That was my Blue Elephant experience at Apple One.
 A little crazy but it was still worth it.

Blue Elephant at Apple One is located at AppleOne Equicom Tower, Mindanao Ave, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu.
Open from 5PM till midnight daily (except on Fridays and Saturdays when it closes at 1AM
Call them at  511-7600 for more inquiries or reservations.

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