Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Beach Weekend: Four Hours in Guimaras

ALOBIJOD COVE, Guimaras Island

  A day at the beach is never a wasted one.

 From Ilo-Ilo City, we decided to have a quick day-trip to the island and head back by night. Guess we just needed a dose of the beach.

Going back to Guimaras Island was one of the most random trips I've been to lately. I never thought I could re-visit the place this year as I thought there was nothing much to explore. But I took the trip with another note on my mind and a positive take on giving it another shot.

As soon as we arrived at the port of Guimaras, we were escorted to their local tourism office to be assisted with our whatabouts for our day trip. We paid 500php to rent a tricycle + a driver who would tour us around the city and the beach spot of our choice. It was Alobijod Beach Cove that we chose as it was one of the most visited resorts according to the driver.

It took us around 30 minutes to reach the resort from the main port. In between the long tricycle ride, we had stopovers at the Trappist Abby Monastery, a couple of vast mango tree plantations, their market and their plaza- the smallest in the country.

We arrived at the resort very famished since we headed straight to the Guimaras terminal from our Bacolod-Iloilo trip. Food was really our priority. :) 

Alobijod Cove Resort had a mini-restaurant beside their lodging area. The place was cozy, almost home-y. It literally looked like a house turned into a giant dining area with a food counter.
 Their food was really delicious! In fact, it was really delicious that I didn't even bother waiting 15 minutes for it --and I'm not even saying it was delicious just because I was hungry. (Okay, I think you get it already--I'm giving it a 9/10) 

After our very satisfying meal, we headed to the shore to soak it all in. We took little walks along the coast since it was still too hot to plunge in and we were still so full. Good thing I brought a book that got me busy.



 After series of picture-taking, we were already swimming (not even minding the time and the heat of the sun). The water was too tempting to wait a few more minutes.
We also had a little fun exploring the caves near the resort. Although, we didn't have much time to go island-hopping and we came late for the day's trip. But that might be a good reason to go back anyway, right? ;)

It took us only a few more minutes to get dressed and decided we stop-over real quick at the Trappist Abby Monastery and take few more snaps at the mango plantation before heading back to the city. 
It wasn't mango season during our visit so we didn't see a lot of mango trees having a bounty.

We took the last trip of the ferry boats going back to Ilo-Ilo City. That was just almost four hours but trust me, it was already long enough. Sure for a day-trip, that could not suffice, but to be honest, it was already enough. Unless you're the type who'd soak for hours and explore more of the caves, islands and the like. But that was a much better alternative than going to the mall in the city for your usual weekend afternoon. 

The ferry boat ride will take you to the port of Ilo-Ilo in 15 minutes depending on the sea condition. A fare of 16php per ride is apparently wallet-friendly-you could go to the island every other day. haha!

There you have it- my travel diary in Guimaras. So, if you've got a day to spare from your Ilo-Ilo trip (or even Bacolod trip), you can always go to the island and have your instant beach-fix. 



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