Friday, August 28, 2015

SML for Circa 1900

CIRCA 1900, Sanjercasvil Road, Gorordo Avenue, Lahug Cebu
 On my latest trip to Cebu, I managed to inject another quality time-lunch time that is, to my shopping-infused itinerary. It was my birthday weekend so I thought of having a well-deserved shopping-spree. (reasons! haha)

 But anyway, We had lunch at Circa 1900 and it was one of the best lunch(es) I've had to date. The place was really home-y, 'inviting' would be an understatement. Such a welcoming place with very warm and accommodating crew. No wonder it has a lot of good reviews online.
 For the food, it was really heavenly. In fact, despite my sickly condition when I got there, I still finished my meal since it was too good to pass. Though I may have tried a few dishes only, I'm definitely going back to try some more. I really loved their Malunggay Potato and Camote Gnocchi Balls Dish. Since I'm a big fan of gnocchis, theirs did not disappoint-plus their herb cream was the bomb. It was so much worth-it at P350. Their Tenderloin was also promising. You can really taste the flavor of the pepper sauce without overpowering the whole dish-which is the main reason I really liked it as well.

And as for the dessert, their Maja Blanca was uniquely good. It was not the typical-made ones and it was having just the right kind of creaminess. Its unique cheesecake cup made it extra special to the taste-buds too.

Here are some snaps I managed to take before we devoured them all. :)
Meatloaf bites. (Complementary food)
Malunggay Potato and Camote Gnocchi Balls with Wild Arugula, Roast Garlic and Fresh Herb Cream Sauce
Char-Grilled Local Beef Tenderloin with Laing, and Creamy Pepper Sauce
From top: Maja Blanca & Rosquillos Cheesecake; and Red Velvet Tower (Complimentary dessert)
There you go. I may not be perfectly food-trip ready that time, but I guarantee you that it's really worth every penny. Sure it may be a little price-y, but spending on good food is never money-wasted, right? RIGHT! ;) 
After we had our meals, I had my lookbook ootd taken. And to be honest, the entire place is so IG-ready! There was no shortage of fancy floors (perfect for your shoe selfie); backgrounds that are so vintage-ly good (if there's such a term. haha); and the lighting (hands down to the lighting). Giving this place a 10.

Yup, it's the first 10 I've ever had a review of. BUT--it was midday when we visited so it might entirely change at night or if a lot more people are also dining because in my case, we were the only ones dining inside. So just manage your expectations if you've got plans on visiting too.
The good lighting I was talking about. One take, no filter. ;)  (and messy
 Alright, there you go. Such a happy dining place. SML. Let me know what you think about my newfound happy place by commenting below or emailing me.

And hey, to be sure that your next visit is hassle-free, it always works to give them a call, (032) 239 6265 or 0923 279 5616. 




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